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10 Ways to Immigrate to Canada in 2024

It is not much of a surprise that Canada ranks at the top as one of the countries foreigners troop into in recent years. Well, this largely has to do with the measures taken in place to ensure the smooth running of affairs. There is protection of lives and properties, employment opportunities, the cost of living is relatively affordable, and the natives are very friendly.


The scenery in Canada would leave anyone stunned. If you have an eye for beautiful scenery, going on a tour or living permanently in the country won’t be a bad idea. If you have plans of coming to Canada whether to work, study, or tour around, the good thing is that the country has made provisions for qualified foreigners to immigrate into the country.

However, the real deal is that you must fulfill the requirements set by the country, if not, all your plans are pipe dreams. The good thing is that Canada has thrown its gates wide open to accept a wide range of foreigners, higher than they have ever done in previous years.

There are various ways to get access to Canada whether to study, work, or live. The amazing thing is that the process is relatively easy; but without prior knowledge of the process, it might look like an uphill task.


Do you want to move to Canada in 2024 and don’t know how to go about it? Sit tight, because, in this work, I will be giving you a clear view of 10 easy ways to move to Canada in 2024.

10 Ways to Immigrate to Canada in 2024

Canada is one of the most sought-after countries in the world and the country has the opportunities it presents to show for it. With the growing need for a workforce due to its declining population, Canada has thrown its door wide open to eligible foreigners to move into the country.

Below are 10 easy ways you can immigrate to Canada in 2024 without breaking a sweat:


1. Self-Employed Program

The self-employed program in Canada is a good and easy way to migrate into the country. The Federal Self-Employed Class is on the lookout for foreigners who are self-employed and also have the means to rely on themselves, possibly creating employment opportunities for others.

However, this must be on the basis that you are deemed qualified and have fulfilled all the core requirements needed by the program. If you have plans of moving to Canada through this program, keep in mind that acceptance is based on the impact one can make in the artistic or athletics sector of Canada.

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2. Start-up Visa

There are many ways to move to Canada and the Start-up Visa program is one of the easy ways. To be eligible for the Start-up visa program, you need to have a good business plan and the plan must be scrutinized and accepted by a given angel investor group.


To back your business idea, you must have the needed funds to carry out the business idea. You also have to pass the language proficiency test to be considered eligible for this program.

Once your business idea is approved, you will gain access to the country using a work permit and put the business plan in motion to gain a firm footing, while waiting for your permanent residence permit. Keep in mind that before you can get the permanent residence permit, you must take an active part in the running of the business in Canada.

3. Study Permit and Postgraduate Work Permit

The study permit and postgraduate work permit are one of the ways to easily gain access to Canada. However, keep in mind that this process can be quite competitive, due to many international students applying for them.

Regardless, taking aside the competitive nature of the study permit and the postgraduate work permit, they are the easiest and most efficient ways of moving to Canada in 2024.

4. Spouses, Partners, and Children

The spouses, partners, and children program is one of the easiest ways to migrate to Canada in 2024. You can apply for this program through the Spouse or Common Law Partner in Canada Class. The good thing is that you can apply from within or outside the country, so far you take the required steps.

All you have to do is fulfill the needed steps set by the program, your spouse can be of any gender. The spouses can be qualified for a work permit while awaiting the approval of their application.

5. Buy a Business and Move to Canada

Another way to easily move to Canada is to buy a business and move into the country. The beautiful thing is that this process helps you find a firm footing as it is a good stream of income for the country. It is not surprising that it is one of the most popular and effective ways of moving into the country.

6. Provincial Business Program

The Provincial Business Program is another avenue to move to Canada. Almost all the provinces in Canada run their particular entrepreneur program. You will have to be eligible and fulfill the requirements set by the various provinces. A good reminder is that the requirements tend to vary.

7. Refugees

This is another way of moving into Canada. Canada has accepted some displaced foreigners affected by wars and natural disasters into its wings. The country has made provisions to accept more refugees in 2024.

8. Parents and Grandparents

Another way to gain access to Canada is through the Parents and Grandparents program. Through the program, you can finance the moving in of your parents or grandparents into Canada.

On the downside, this program is heavily reliant on luck, since it functions as a lottery system. The probability of not being picked after many tries is very high. The parents and grandparents program is a very competitive one.

9. Temporary Worker

This is another easy way to gain access to the country. Working as a temporary worker, you can gain access to Canada. However, keep in mind that you won’t be in the country for long.

To be considered competent for this program, your employer has to show proof that there is no one able to do the work in Canada, aside from you.

10. Express Entry

The Express Entry program is another easy way of gaining access to Canada. Canada has made plans to accept thousands of foreigners into the country through this program in 2024 and it will only keep rising in subsequent years. The program now gives professionals the chance to move into the country. From truck drivers to nurses and other professions.


There are lots of ways to move into Canada as a foreigner. To make it easy, in this article, I went into detail on the 10 ways to immigrate to Canada.