Department Makes Changes To Cost Of Certification Services

The Department of Education offers many services to the public, whether you’re a learner or employed by this department. There has now been an announcement that has been made in relation to their certification services.

Department Makes Changes To Cost Of Certification Services

After matric, learners may want to explore the option of either a rewrite or remark in instances whereby they are not happy with the marks achieved in their matric year.

Their next stop would then be the Education Department. Learners are strongly urged to reach out to the relevant Education Department once they are in need of such a service.

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) has other services with them recently making a slight change in things from this time period going forward.

National Treasury has approved for the Department of Basic Education to revise the cost for their services provided by this department.

DBE has revised certification and examination fees from 2021/2022 to the 2023/2024 period.

In a statement, the Deputy Director-General of Public Finance at the National Treasury, Dr. Mampho Modise gave the Education Department this directive:

Please ensure that the information on the tariff structure is communicated to all stakeholders and disclosed in the department’s Annual Report.

She added that the profit made from these tariffs will go towards the National Revenue Fund on a monthly basis.

National Treasury has opened its doors to the Education Department for any enquiries and/or further discussions.

For the detailed changes in tariffs, click here.

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