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GDE admissions placement – GDE placements 2023

GDE admissions placement, The process of allocating schools to the students who have passed the GDE admission screening stage and are successfully approved by the Gauteng Department of Education GDE

GDE admissions placement

During this period, parents will receive offers of placement via SMS. Where spaces are available, parents may receive offers from all schools they applied to.

The System will notify parents when there are no further offers available. Parents are advised to accept each offer within 7 days or will forfeit the offer.

The latest offer accepted will cancel all previous offers. Based on the capacity of each school to accommodate learners, offers of placement were released to qualifying applicants as per Admissions Regulations.

During the placement period and in line with the Admissions Regulations, priority is given to applicants who live within the school feeder zone closest to the school. The second priority is siblings and applicants that are currently in Grade 7 at a neighboring school.

How to check GDE placements 2023

If you are on this page it only means that you have been struggling online to find the easiest and quickest ways to check the GDE placement, so through this page, we have posted everything about how to check GDE admissions placement.

In the same way, all parents must be aware that official information about the release and how to check the GDE admissions placement will be available on the GDE admissions website. In that case, parents who have applied for GDE admissions are advised to visit the college website for more information.

Follow these steps to check GDE admissions placement online

Learn how to use the | GDE Parent Login Here

Information about GDE admissions Placement will be updated on time through this website to make sure it can reach you sooner. The most important thing is to frequently visit this page for more updated details.

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