Graduates In The Eastern Cape Struggle To Find Employment

The Eastern Cape currently has the worst unemployment statistics in South Africa and even those with tertiary qualifications are struggling to find employment in the province.

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According to the latest unemployment statistics 42% of the eligible workforce in the Eastern Cape are unable to find a job.

It has recorded the worst rates of unemployment in South Africa for the past 10 consecutive years.

One graduate from the province told SABC News that she holds a degree in social science and humanities but has been unable to secure a job for the past 7 years since she has graduated.

She is left to pay thousands of rands in student debt and says that she will settle for any job in order to find an income.

Young people say that they have to incur many costs in order to apply for jobs such as needing data for internet connection, having to print out their CVs as well as having to travel to certify their documents.

They eventually give up applying for jobs as they cannot afford the costs that come with the application process.

Labour Analyst at the University Fort Hare, Professor Willie Chinyamurundi says that issues of mismanagement of resources in the province are concerning.

“If there are resources that are meant to tackle socioeconomic challenges of this nature and those resources are not arriving to young people, what does this say about the vehicle through which service delivery happens?” said the Professor.

He describes the situation as dire and says that it needs to be addressed.

Many Eastern Cape residents are continuing to move out of the province in search of employment so that they can support themselves and their families.

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