How SASSA Detect Alternative Income Source

It has come to our attention how SASSA is able to detect if an application for the SASSA SRD R350 grant receives alternative income from other sources relatives or friends or whoever.

How SASSA Detect Alternative Income Source

SASSA doesn’t care whom o what that received amount is for, as far as it is deposited, SASSA assumes it is for the recipient in this case the applicant.

We have come across an information which SASSA explains why they decline applications with the reason being “Alternative Income Source Identified“.

How SASSA Detect Alternative Income Source For Applicant

Below is the said statement purported to be ‘coming’ from SASSA

Our systems do background checks with financial institutions ( banks), the Department of Home Affairs, the Department of Labour, the Department of Correctional Services, money markets (eg Shoprite, Checkers, and Pick and Pay), Cellular phone networks (due to RICA requirements) as well as Cash Send to various financial institutions (banks)

It is clear from this statement that, SASSA does extensive profiling of the applicant since they consent (in the agreement that you agreed to when applying) to go deeper into the applicant’s financial records.

So those of you who think that SASSA uses only the bank account to determine alternative Income should think twice.

But to most people, it is basically not fair enough to use some of these tactics to reject applicants on the fact he or she has or received deposits that cumulatively add to more than the threshold of R350.

What is even annoying is that some caregivers who are already receiving Child support Grants are also declined for the same reasons.

SASSA will have to be more transparent in their checks and be able to pinpoint the exact reason or account they discovered their threshold amount.

For now, applicants have the feeling that SASSA has not been fair to them and it is an attempt to deny them what is due to them.

Currently, the only thing you can do is to  Appeal Alternative Income Source Identified R350 Grant Status

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