How To Submit Your UIF Continuation Form Manually | Complete Guide


The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) provides financial relief to workers who are either unemployed or unable to work. Those who would like to claim benefits, can submit a manual application form.

How To Submit Your UIF Continuation Form Manually

The financial relief provided by the UIF is short-term and paid out under specific circumstances. Those who are unable to work can claim benefits for maternity, adoption/ parental leave, or illness, while others can claim benefits for unemployment.


Dependents of a deceased contributor can also claim benefits from the fund.

In order to claim benefits, the UIF requires applications be submitted by those wanting financial assistance. Clients can choose to submit their applications manually or online.


Those who prefer to submit their application manually, can do so by visiting their nearest labour centre.

Before visiting the labour centre, clients will need to download the continuation form (UI.6A) by following these steps:

  1. Visit www.labour.gov.za
  2. Click on “Resource Centre”
  3. Then, click on “Forms” and “Unemployment Insurance Fund”
  4. Select “UI.6A” “Confirmation of Unemployment Status”
  5. Complete the form and submit it to a labour centre near you

Alternatively, click here to download the continuation form (UI.6A), complete and submit it to a labour centre near you.

The UIF has warned clients that a continuation of benefit form can only be submitted once the normal benefit claim has been approved.


If clients submit a continuation form before the claim is approved, the continuation of benefit/payment will be cancelled by the Paymaster.

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