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According to the Digital 2022 research, we spend an average of seven hours online each day or nearly an entire
working day. This makes distance learning a more suitable option when it comes to the pursuit of higher
education due to how much time individuals spend online.

With savings of at least 70 percent and the elimination of additional costs for accommodation, commuting, and other university-related expenses, online
learning is the more cost-effective choice. There is no one learning method that everyone can use. The
flexibility of online studies, therefore, allows you to try things out and find your own approach to learning.
Through IU’s online study programmes, you can choose between time and study models and opt for one that
suits your needs.

They offer the largest portfolio of online bachelor's, master's, and MBA degree programmes
with more than 50 accredited courses in English. All these courses offer hands-on, case-study-based
education, allowing you to gain skills and knowledge relevant to the current job market. You'll get a high-
quality education for a lower price from the comfort of your own home.

For over two decades, IU has been a pioneer in delivering high-quality education, leveraging technology and
innovation to meet the changing needs of students like you and guiding them towards fulfilling their dreams.
IU is proud to have achieved a 5-star rating for Online Learning from QS Quacquarelli Symonds, the world's
most popular source for comparative data on universities. With a full five points for our track record and
making 94% of our degrees available online, this recognition confirms our dedication to delivering quality
online education and inclusive services and support for students. While IU gives you the freedom to study
wherever and whenever you choose, they also offer full support when you need it the most. There are also
study resources available around the clock.
Self-motivation can be tricky with online learning and many first-time online students struggle with it. Did you
know IU offers study coaching? They have a team of experienced and skilled study coaches who will guide you
in organising and planning your studies while exploring suitable learning approaches that will help you find the
right rhythm for your workload. With your personal study coach, you can exchange ideas on how to set up your
study schedule, prepare for exams, stay motivated, manage your time better, or set up learning goals to
maximise your potential. IU is the only university to receive Service Award 2022 from the German Society for
Consumer Studies (DtGV), recognising their excellence as a training provider with their digital learning
platform, dedicated academic staff and skilled study coaches. It’s not easy balancing studies with other
commitments in your life – and IU can help you with that! You can best believe that IU will support you
throughout your studies.

IU is recommended by 96 % of their students. On top of that, 94% of IU graduates find a job within the first
three months of graduating, and after two years, 80% on average have taken on management
responsibilities. 90% of IU graduates are promoted in the first three years, receiving an average of salary
increase of 10% per year.
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