SASSA R350 Approved But No Payment

Being Approved without pay dates has become a common issue among Sassa R350 grant recipients. SASSA R350 Approved But No Payment.

Some have been approved since November 2020 and to date do not have a pay date. According to them, all attempts to reach out to SASSA have proved futile. This has led to many of them wondering if they will ever be paid or just forget about it.

 R350 Approved But No Payment R350 Approved But No Payment

Sources from SASSA indicate that they are aware of this problem and trying everything possible within their means to resolve it.

There might be some factors leading to this, but common among them are the following conditions :

  • Those who are using ewallet as a form of payments or those who have switched from Post office to ewallet. According to SASSA, they have problems with the the partnered banks whose ewallet are being used.
  • If you have switched from one payment option to another after receiving your sassa srd grant in the previous payment option.
  • Wrong information can also lead to approved without pay dates. SASSA wants to make sure they make payments to qualified applicants and directly paid to the applicant only. In view of this, one cannot use other people’s personal information to collect one’s payments. Always, make sure your bank account name and account number are correctly entered and the name must be the same as on the ID documents.
  • SASSA has indicated that, they are overloaded with thousands of phone calls every day, thus one of the reasons why they are not able to attend to every customer inquiry.
  • They have however assured the recipients to bear with them as they work assiduously to resolve the problems and that all those applicants approved without pay dates will be paid.

Latest Updates – SASSA R350 Approved But No Payment

As of the middle of the month of June 2021, most Applicants have been given pay dates with some receiving their grants. Even those applied for reconsideration are also being approved with pay dates.

Although not all are paid or given pay dates 😮😮, SASSA has given the assurance that they will all be paid in due time and those approved without pay dates too will be sorted out.

The Screenshot Below is from SASSA R350 Applicant who has not been paid or given a paydate since they got approved for the grant:

SASSA R350 Approved But No Payment


SASSA R350 Approved But No Payment

The screenshot above is taken from the article “SASSA Status Approved But Not Paid”.

The Department of Social Development minister and CEO of SASSA have both assured applicants all those who have been approved for the SRD R350 Grant but no payment will at all cost be paid.

Remember you can always contact SASSA by phone (Toll-free number 0800601011) or reach out to them on Twitter for assistance.

To check your SASSA SRD STATUS click on SRD STATUS Check

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  1. I get child support crant in sassa card. Been approved for 350 grant bu no payments from setember 2021.. What’s the hold up you got all my details

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