What ‘Application Submitted’ NSFAS Status Means

If you have checked NSFAS your status, and you receive the ‘Application Submitted’ status, you might be wondering what this means. For  People who have applied for your 2022 NSFAS funding and submitted the required documents, it’s important to check your application status.

What 'Application Submitted' NSFAS Status Means

Students are advised to constantly visit the NSFAS student portal to check their status as the Scheme does not have a timeframe when it comes to one’s application status updating.

If you receive the  ‘Application Submitted’ NSFAS Status, this simply means your application has been loaded onto the NSFAS system successfully.

This comes after Minister Nzimande visited the NSFAS Head Quarters in Cape Town to assess the state of readiness for the 2022 online applications system process for both first-time students and the returning students who previously studied without NSFAS in October 2021.

The Minister was delighted with the system improvements and significant considerations had been made to simplify the application system process for eligible students.

Currently, students still have time to apply for this years’ funding until the 27th January 2022.

Applications are open to South African students who wish to study this year at any of the 25 public universities or 50 TVET Colleges – including students who previously studied without NSFAS.

If you haven’t applied, here’s how you can do so:

  1. You will have to submit your NSFAS online application through the myNSFAS portal, using either a smartphone or a computer.
  2. Create a myNSFAS account, then proceed to the application tab to fill in the required details.
  3. As proof that your application was successfully submitted, you will receive a reference number.
  4. Should you not have access to the internet nor to a digital device, visit your nearest National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) or Thusong Centre to apply following the same steps.

If you need further assistance, an employee from NSFAS is stationed there to attend to your queries.

Students are advised to continue checking the Mynsfas portal for regular updates.

Should you need to directly contact NSFAS, you can do so by using the following contact details:

Telephone: 0800 067 327 | 021 763 3200

Email: info@nsfas.org.za

Website: www.nsfas.org.za

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