What Skills Are In High Demand For 2023?


What skills do your employees really need to thrive in 2023? What skills do you need to provide your employees to ensure your business thrives in 2023?

These are the top skills that every training platform should offer or plan to offer, in the year ahead as evidenced by research, trends, and analyses.

 High skill demand 2023

  • Green skills. The GreenSkills Report 2022 found that skills that ‘enable the environmental sustainability of economic activities’ are urgently needed for the future.
  • Leadership skills. As Gartner points out, HR leaders are focusing on leadership development because their existing approaches aren’t working when it comes to the future of work.
  • Change management. Gartner also found that employees are tired – tired of change, tired of uncertainty, and fatigued in general. They need skills that support them as they navigate the new world of work.
  • Problem-solving and self-management. The World Economic Forum (WEF) Future of Jobs report underscored the importance of self-management and problem-solving skills in the new workplace. The WEF believes that these are core skills that will support employees across multiple fronts including further self-development through training, resilience, and stress tolerance.
  • Data analysis, computer science, and digital skillsets. The same report found that digital skills remain in high demand. “Providing people with training in these areas can only benefit the business in the long term and it will give employees a significant boost when it comes to career growth and opportunities,” says Michael Hanly, MD of New Leaf Technologies.
  • Cybersecurity. Now, this is a skill set that’s in extremely high demand. The gaps in cybersecurity are huge, globally, and companies are desperate for talent to fill the holes. Training people in security will put the business on a very strong foundation for the future.


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