Why Your SRD Grant Appeal Payment Has Been Delayed

If you have submitted an appeal after your initial Sassa R350 grant application was declined and find that there has been a delay in receiving any feedback, here is why Your SRD Grant Appeal Payment Has Been Delayed.

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Why Your SRD Grant Appeal Payment Has Been Delayed

The South African Social Security Agency(Sassa) has been experiencing delays in processing appeals applications and payments for those who applied for reconsideration after their first application was declined.

This group consists of Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant applicants and recipients who appealed upon realising that Sassa did not give sufficient reasons for declining their initial applications.

In a bid to address the matter Sassa issued a statement on Tuesday, saying the delays in processing these applications have been caused by the entity’s contractual agreements with banks.

More specifically because they are contractually obliged to conduct a means test on every applicant to determine if they have any other additional source of income.

The delay in attending to reconsiderations is as a result of delays in contracting banks to undertake means-testing, amongst other services.

Sassa has appealed to affected applicants to remain patient while they work towards getting the situation resolved as soon as possible.

Additionally, Sassa has also advised applicants who chose ‘Cashsend’ as their preferred method of collecting their grant payment to switch to either “Personal bank account’ or Post Office” since this option is not yet available.

To do this applicants must visit https://srd.sassa.gov.za and click on the ‘how do I change my banking details’ option.

Failure to do this will result in Sassa processing the SRD grant payment for collection at the Post Office as a last resort. Sassa also stated that SMS notifications regarding this have been sent to this group of grant recipients.

Sassa’s Executive Manager of Grants Administration, Dianne Dunkernley further stated that this is also happening because their previous contracts with the banks expired when the SRD grant period ended, and thus had to enter into a new procurement process when it was renewed.

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