Agriculture Bursary Fund at Citrus Academy 2021 Now Open

Agriculture Bursary Fund at Citrus Academy 2021 Is Open. Any citizen of South Africa, Swaziland or Zimbabwe who is studying a course related to agriculture at a recognised tertiary institution in South Africa can apply for the bursary.


Bursary Fund at Citrus Academy

Please note that students are only supported from their second year of study.

You may apply if you are studying any agricultural course relating to citrus production is valid, as well as courses related to the agricultural industry such as logistics, entomology etc.

Applications are rated according to the following criteria:


1) Previously disadvantaged status;

2) Appropriateness of field of study;

3) Academic performance;


4) Financial need;

5) Background relation to the citrus industry;

6) Gender (female candidates preferred);

7) Disability.


Citrus Academy can assist Bursary Funded students in finding suitable vacation work in line with their studies.

Bursary Fund students have to maintain a minimum D-average and may not fail any main subject outright.

Undergraduate, certificate and diploma students have to perform a minimum of four weeks vacation work per year.

All students are expected to work in the citrus industry on completion of their studies for a minimum period equal to the period for which they received support.


Before proceeding with your application ensure that you meet the below criteria.

Application forms that do not meet the below criteria, or have insufficient or incorrect information will NOT be considered, and you will not be notified.

1. Are you a citizen of South Africa, Zimbabwe or Swaziland?

2. Are you entering your 2nd year of study or higher?

3. Are you studying one of the following qualifications: Plant Production; Crop Production; Plant Pathology; Horticulture; Soil Science; Entomology; Microbiology; Agricultural Economics; Agricultural Management; Agricultural Production Management; Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Agricultural Engineering.

Applications are open from 1st June to 15th September each year.

CLICK HERE TO About the Bursary Fund

Opportunity Closing Date:  Wednesday, 15 September, 2021 – 12:00.

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