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Colleges To Study Teaching Courses

Teachers are constantly in demand all around the world. If you’re looking to help lessen the demand and are interested in becoming a teacher, there are many institutions in South Africa you can enrol in to become qualified. Here are the colleges in South Africa that offer teaching courses.


Colleges To Study Teaching Courses

Teaching can be a very rewarding career, as you will have a direct influence on future leaders and innovators.

Teachers in South Africa have the option of choosing between four phases to teach, namely the foundation phase, intermediate phase, senior phase, and further education and training phase.


Many of South Africa’s universities have faculties of education that offer teaching qualifications. There are also a few colleges in South Africa where you can get qualified.

Here are the Colleges that you can study at to become a teacher in South Africa:

Varsity College

Varsity College offers qualifications of the same type and level as other Higher Education Institutions like universities. They have a school of education that forms part of The IIE’s Faculty of Social Sciences.

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Mancosa offers a Bachelor of Education in Senior & FET Phase which provides teaching and learning tenets with an emphasis on teaching prospective teachers about methods and techniques which will equip them to teach in primary and secondary schools.

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Rosebank College

Rosebank offers a Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching (BEd) that is aimed at students who want to pursue a teaching qualification for grades R to 3. This IIE qualification will produce highly skilled, innovative teachers for schools around the world.

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