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Confirmation of Permanent Residence Canada

With the many people trooping into Canada every year, it is not surprising that many of them wish to live in the country permanently. This is quite normal since the country is one of the best countries to live In the world. Many people visit the country and decide to make it their permanent abode.


The breathtaking scenery and the friendly natives make the country an interesting place to live in. There, you won’t feel out of place because the multicultural setting of Canada makes it so that you can always find people of similar races, religions, and beliefs with you. The multicultural setting of the country also makes one experience various cultures during their stay in the country; hence, mixing up won’t be an issue in any way.

The country is also a haven for those who to study, work, and live for as long as they wish. There is a security of lives and property, the standard of living is one of the best around the world, there is a universal healthcare system, and the life expectancy in Canada is higher than in most countries of the world. There are many opportunities in the country waiting to be grasped, and so far you are ready to put in the work.

So, it is quite understandable when most people decide to live permanently in the country. However, it is important to know that if you have plans of living in Canada as a permanent residence holder, you will first need to get a confirmation of permanent residence in Canada.


This is a necessary step in the right direction because the document helps you solidify your evidence as a permanent residence holder and gives you the leverage to get the permanent residence card.

Are you interested in the confirmation of permanent residence and what its uses are? In this work, I will give you a clear view of how the confirmation of permanent residence works in Canada, in 2023.

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What is the Use of Confirmation of Permanent Residence?

The confirmation of a permanent residence document is a very important document in Canada; especially while you wait for the permanent residence card. The document has many uses in the country; to begin with, it is a necessary document that can ensure one’s stay in the country. Hence, it is important for anyone with the document to keep it safe.

The document is issued to foreigners who are applying for permanent residence in Canada by Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The document shows that you have fulfilled all the requirements to be a permanent resident.

With the help of the document, you can work, live, and study in Canada for a very long time without being disturbed. The good thing is that with the Confirmation of Permanent Residence, you can apply for a permanent residence card in the country. With this, you can see the immense benefits of having the confirmation of permanent residence card, for someone who wishes to live long term in CanaWhat

What Is the Information Included in Confirmation of Permanent Residence?


The confirmation of permanent residence is a very important document and contains the necessary information about the applicant. With some personal information about the applicant in COPR, it is advisable to keep this document safe. Below are some of the information included in the confirmation of residence document:

1. Your name

2. Your date of birth

3. Your sex

4. Your passport photograph

5. The number of family members that are following you to Canada.

6. Your marital status (in a situation where you are married or in a common-law relationship)

7. The date you became a permanent resident in Canada.

8. The duration you will be staying in Canada

9. The office that processed your application.

10. Any restriction placed on your permanent residence status (in cases where you are ordered not to partake in certain jobs, probably due to security reasons.

11. The date your document was given to you.

It is necessary to keep in mind that though the confirmation of permanent residence is important, you cannot use it for any traveling. Hence, you are advised to do your best to get a permanent residence card, it can be used for shuttling your way through many locations.

To apply for a permanent residence card, you will need to visit any nearby Canadian visa office. Keep in mind that the registration would be done using your COPR.

Is It Possible to Replace My Confirmation of Permanent Residence If Lost?

It is not possible to replace your confirmation of permanent residence once it is lost, sadly. However, the good news is that all hope is not lost, since you can use your Verification of Status (VOS). You can utilize the verification of status for the same purpose as confirmation of permanent residence. Though you might have lost your COPR, with the VOS, you can always make up for the loss of the document.

Since the Verification of Status serves the same purpose as Confirmation of Permanent Residence, it can also be used to prove your status and also to enjoy the benefits accrued to permanent residents.

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There are so many benefits accrued to having the confirmation of permanent residence. With this document, you can swagger unhindered as a permanent resident in Canada. The only downside of this document is that it can’t be used for traveling purposes; hence, you are advised to apply for a permanent residence card.

In this article, I went into detail about everything you need to know about the confirmation of permanent residence and its immense benefits.