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How to Apply for a Canada Study Permit in 2024

Canada keeps on receiving endless streams of applications from students in various parts of the world to study in the numerous schools available in the country. This is normal because the schools available in Canada are relatively affordable and are the cream of the crop when compared to most universities around the world.


Equally, there are many scholarship schemes available in Canada for international students which makes them highly sought-after. Also, the country is a good location to further one’s studies because the standard of living in the country is affordable, the quality of living is quite high, and the healthcare system is one of the best in the world. When putting this into consideration, Canada is easily one of the best countries to live and study in.

However, to live and study in Canada as an international student, you will need a Canada study permit. With this document, you can live and study in Canada as an international student without breaking a sweat. Getting a study permit can be a bit hectic no less, but its benefits are immense. If you want to take professional, vocational, or academic practice in a college, university, or any academic institution, you will need a study permit for that purpose. So, you can see how important the Canadian study permit is.

Do you want to apply for a Canadian study permit and don’t know how to go about it? In this work, I will be giving a concise way to apply for a Canadian study permit in 2024.


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Why You Should Study in Canada

Many people apply to study in Canada for various purposes and this has made the country one of the best locations for international students. Below are some of the reasons why you should study in Canada:

Affordable Education

One of the main reasons why international students strive to study in Canada aside from the quality education the schools offer is because the tuition fees are quite affordable. With how affordable the fees are, It has made the country the primary location for foreign students.


Work Opportunities for International Students

There are many job opportunities available for international students once they are done with their degrees. Once they are through with school, international students can apply for a work permit and work in the country for three years. You can also work part-time while studying.

Multicultural Environment

The multicultural setting of Canada makes the country a good location to study in. The friendly inhabitants and the wide range of cultures make for an interesting stay during one’s study period in Canada.

Quality Education

Canada’s educational system is one of the best in the whole world. They give the students the chance to progress both academically and on a personal level.

Eligibility Criteria for Student Visa

If you wish to apply for a student there are some requirements you are expected to fulfill. Below are some of the eligibility criteria for a student visa:


1. You have to show proof that you have the needed funds to take care of your tuition fee, living expenditures, and that of your family members accompanying you if any.

2. You must show proof of being accepted by a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

3. You have to show proof that you have a criminal-free background. To prove this, you have to produce a police verification certificate.

4. You will undergo a health check-up and provide a medical certificate that shows you are in good health.

5. Lastly, during your interview, you will have to convince the official that you will leave the country as soon as you are done with your studies.

Documents Required for Students Visa

To apply for a student visa, you will be required to produce some important documents. Below are some of the documents required for a students visa:

Proof of Acceptance by a Designated Learning Institution

You will have to show proof of funds from a designated learning institution. You are expected to present a letter from the institution you are planning to attend.

Valid Passport

To apply for a student visa, you will need a valid passport before you can apply for a study permit to Canada. You must present a passport that whose validity covers the number of years you intend to stay in Canada.

Passport Size Photographs

You will need two passport-sized photographs if you are applying offline and it has to be as the instruction demands. If it is online, you will need a digital copy of the passport photographs.

Proof of Funds

You are expected to show proof of funds that you can take care of your tuition fees, living expenses, and the living cost of family members accompanying you. You will require at least 10,000 CAD for each student every year.

Immigration Medical Examination

You will have to provide documents showing that you are in good health. You are expected to go for a medical examination a week from the time of your visa application, this will provide the medical professional the time to ascertain and upload the necessary documents.

English Language Proficiency Score

It is necessary to present your English Language Proficiency score at the time of your application. However, it is important to note that it is not mandatory. Regardless, it is strongly recommended as it would boost your chances.

Statement of Purpose

You can also call the Statement of Purpose, a Letter of Explanation. You are expected to submit an essay, noting the reason for your trip to Canada. You will also explain your understanding of responsibility as a student of Canada. It is important to note that this is optional on the list of documents, but it is highly recommended to give you a good chance among other applicants.

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There are many requirements you will have to fulfill while applying for a student visa. Once you meet these requirements, you stand a high chance of getting your study permit. In this article, I went into detail on how to apply for a Canada study permit in 2024.