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Move to Canada As a Self Employed Person

Many people strive to move to Canada for various purposes like work, study, and live permanently in the country. Canada has made so many provisions for people to gain entrance into the country; of which self-employed programs are available for interested persons in 2024.


As a way of correcting the waning labor force in the country, Canada has thrown its door wide open to welcome qualified workers into the country in their thousands. Hence, it is not surprising that millions of people apply to move to Canada through various programs made available by the country.

The process of moving to Canada as a self-employed person isn’t complex, so far you can fulfill the requirements in place. The good thing is that there are numerous benefits of living and working in Canada as a self-employed person.

The quality of life in the country is super high, there is a security of lives and properties, and there are various degrees of opportunity available in the country. The natives are also very receptive and you won’t feel out of place because Canada has a multicultural setting. The nature of the country makes it an ideal place to kick off your career due to the receptive air. The country is also an ideal place to kick off a family if necessary.


Do you want to move into Canadto a self-employed person and wish to know how to go about the process? In this work, I will be given you a clear view of how to move to Canada as a self-employed person in 2024.

Things to Consider While Moving to Canada as a Self-Employed Person in 2024

The chance to move to Canada is one sought by millions of people around the world. It is not a big surprise that the self-employed programs welcome thousands of applicants into the country.

However, there are a few requirements you have to fulfill while moving to Canada as a self-employed person. Some of these requirements include:


1. You are expected to be willing to take part in artistic or athletic activities in Canada.

2. You are expected to have some experience in athletics or any cultural recreation.

3. You have to fulfill medical and security requirements (this includes taking the Covid-19 vaccine and it is compulsory).

Prerequisites to be Eligible to Move into Canada as a Self Employed Person in 2024

If you want to move to Canada as a self-employed person, there are lots of requirements you will have to fulfill to be considered eligible. Every option you meet gives you an added mark.


Every requirement you will fulfill grants you an edge over other participants; this is because the process is very competitive.

The points are 100 and to qualify, you have to get up to 35 points. Below are some of the requirements and their related points:


Maximum Points Available: 25

1. (Doctorate or Masters Degree) +17 years full-time correspondent studies — 25 points.

2. (Medical Degree or 3 years Trade Certificate) +15 years full-time correspondent studies — 22 points.

3. (Bachelor’s Degree or 2 years Trade Certificate) +14 years full-time correspondent studies — 20 points.

4. (Bachelor’s Degree or 1-year Trade Certificate) +13 years full-time correspondent studies — 15 points.

5. 1-year postsecondary +12 years full-time correspondent studies — 12 points.

6. Secondary School Education — 5 points.

Relevant Experience Within 5 Years

Maximum Points Available: 35 Points

1. Five Years of Relevant Experience — 35 points.

2. Four Years of Relevant Experience — 30 points.

3. Three Years of Relevant Experience — 25 points.

4. Two Years of Relevant Experience — 20 points.


Maximum Points Available: 10 points.

1. 21 to 49 years of age at the time of application is 10 points.

2. You will have to subtract 2 points for every year of age below 21 and above 49 years.

Language Proficiency

Maximum Points Available: 24 points

1. High Proficiency — 16 points for the First language and 8 points for the Second language.

2. Moderate Proficiency — 8 points for First and Second language.

3. Basic Proficiency — 2 points for First and Second language.


Maximum Points Available — 6 points

1. Family Member in Canada — 5 points.

2. Spouse’s or Common Law Partner’s Education — 3-5 points.

3. Minimum of 1 year’s full-time approved work in Canada (this applies to either applicant or spouse) — 5 points.

4. Minimum of 2 years full-time post-secondary studies in Canada (this applies to either the applicant or spouse) — 5 points.

Do You Need Language Proficiency in English or French?

Some programs require language proficiency in either English or French before you can gain access to Canada, but the self-employed program isn’t part of them.

Regardless, if you want to strengthen your chances of moving to Canada as a self-employed person in 2024, you need to be quite proficient in either of the languages. It will boost your points among other applicants, making your chances of moving into Canada to be higher.

Do You Need Funds As a Self-Employed Person to Move into Canada in 2024?

This sits at the top as one of the most asked questions for self-employed persons seeking to move to Canada in 2024. Yes, you will need to present your proof of funds before you can move into Canada as a self-employed person in 2024.

Canada immigration requires you to show proof of funds; this goes a long way to show that you can cater to your needs during your stay in the country without being a burden to the government.

So far you can show proof of taking care of yourself and family members (if any) you can be easily granted access to the country. Your chances of being granted access into the country as a self-employed person only skyrocket because you are not viewed as a liability.

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People from various countries of the world are allowed to live permanently in Canada through the self-employed program available in the country. However, to move into the country, there are many procedures you will have to fulfill.