Study and Work in Canada: Everything You Must Know


One of the many benefits of studying in Canada is that you are granted to work while studying in Canada if you wish. This way, most international students who are not financially buoyant find the chance to foot their bills while pursuing their studies. You can also form long and lasting connections that might prove important once done with school, as they become permanently employed.

Some students also get on-the-job training which makes them more experienced in their field of expertise. The benefits are simply immense.

However, to juggle school and work in Canada, you will have to get a work permit, and to get a work permit as a student, you will have to fulfill the needed requirements. Regardless, you don’t have to worry because most students are granted the chance to work while studying upon application.


Many might view working while studying as a distraction. While this might look like the truth, the Canadian government has found ways to address the situation, as there is a clear cut-out period mapped out for students to work.

Do you want to juggle school and work in Canada and wish to know how to go about the whole process? You are in the right hands. In this article, I will give a clear view of everything you need to know about working and studying in Canada in 2023.


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Benefits of Working and Studying in Canada

There are many advantages of working and studying in Canada as an international student. The provision made by the Canadian government for students who are interested in juggling school and work, only goes the extra mile to show the importance of working while studying in Canada.

Do you have plans of juggling school and work while in Canada and wish to know what are the gains you stand to get? Below are some of the benefits of working and studying in Canada:

1. Connection

One of the core benefits of working while studying in Canada is the rich amount of opportunities and connections it grants the students involved. They get the opportunity to mix with people of various backgrounds and people in the same line of their expertise. These connections in the long run might grant them life-changing opportunities.


2. Financial Stability

This sits at the top of one of the most important reasons why people juggle school and work. With the salary earned from working, you can always cater to your needs and that of your accompanying family members if any. You won’t have to be bothered by the thoughts of going bankrupt during your time of studies in Canada as an international student.

3. Experience

Working while studying grants the affected student a grade deal of experience that might prove beneficial in the long run. This is especially for those working in line with their field of expertise. It helps them get on-the-job training and better their skills. With this wealth of experience, it makes them stand miles ahead of their peers in the same field.

4. Employment

Working while studying makes one open to various job offers after being through school. Some get retained at their place of work and promoted to better-paying roles once done with school.

Canada Work and Study Visa Requirements

Juggling work and school is very beneficial as I stated above; however, to be granted the chance to juggle school and work, there are some requirements you will have to fulfill. Below are some of the requirements to apply for a Canada work and study visa:

1. You do have to be up to 19 years to apply.

2. You must go for an English proficiency test.

3. You are expected to provide a valid passport.

4. You have to provide a letter of explanation, stating your reasons for completing the program.

5. You must have at least been done with your high school studies.

6. You are expected to present evidence that you have been admitted into a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

7. You are expected to present evidence that you can take care of your living cost throughout your stay in Canada. You also have to show proof that you can cover your tuition fee.

Final Thoughts

There are immense benefits to working while studying in Canada. However, if you want to juggle work and school, there are requirements to meet. In this article, I went into detail on everything you need to know about studying and working in Canada.


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