Education Department Is Planning To Introduce New School Subjects


The curriculum in public schools across the country is due to undergo certain changes in preparation for the future of work. Here are the new subjects that the Basic Education Department plans to introduce to the current school curriculum.


Elijah Mhlanga, spokesperson for the Department of Basic Education, has said that the department has been considering increasing its curriculum offerings for some time.

This, according to the department, is an attempt to provide a balanced and multi-dimensional approach to mathematics education in South Africa.


Ocean and marine engineering, aeronautical engineering, coding and robotics, and entrepreneurship are just a few examples of subjects that could be included.

During a radio interview, spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga explained the department’s position on the anticipated revisions, saying that the department has been considering increasing its curriculum offerings for some time.


We find that there are a lot of young people who are saying the curriculum did not give them options to follow their career path, so we needed to be creative and introduce subjects that would be of interest to them.

Mhlanga went on to say that the addition of these additional subjects will assist young people in preparing for the future of work and provide them with a wide range of employment and career options. The subjects will be available from Grade 7 to 9 and will specialise from Grade 10 until matric.

When asked whether properly prepared educators are available to teach the new subjects, he explained that training for the General Education Certificate (GEC) is currently underway.

Teachers have arrived and the department is preparing them through a variety of new projects such as the one that has been started.


The department intends to start with training, which includes a three-day training workshop that was held in Ekurhuleni over the weekend, in which the department brought together teachers from all over the country with subject advisers to prepare them for the General Education Certificate.


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