False Bay TVET College Website And Contact Details


In this article, you will see the False Bay TVET College Website, Contact Details, and some basic information about the TVET College.

Knowing the website of False Bay College is like knowing the physical address of the school. The Website is an online address, where you can see what is going on in the institution including application dates, list of courses offered, check application status, and more.

About False Bay TVET College

False Bay College aims to be the leading TVET College in the country. Their mission is to empower their students to become assets to society and have lifelong access to education.


They offer various courses as well as E-Learning, Funded Programmes and Learnerships.  Read more about False Bay College  Here.

False Bay TVET College Website

The False Bay College website –


Contact Details

Below are the contact details of False Bay College:

Tel : (021) 787 0800



131 Main Road, Muizenberg, 7945


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