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How do I know if my SRD grant is approved?



You can check if your application was approved using the SASSA SRD website. If your grant status says Approved, it means that your SRD grant application is successful.

To check your SRD grant application status, follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Visit the SASSA SRD website at
Step 2: Scroll down to Application Status
Step 3: Click on ‘Click here to check online
Step 4: Fill in the required information


20 Replies to “How do I know if my SRD grant is approved?

  1. I try to apply for social graint for sassa application but it fail I try many more time I don’t now what to do know

  2. Its been month and a half since i applied for sassa relief grant but my status has been pending what is the problem

  3. Hi mine is pending for April…. May…. June as for the other two Months which is February… March it’s Approved but no pay date

  4. Hi iam alicia Jacobs I applied since last year but I was declined for alternative income source identified which I dont get income
    I reapplied again nw still declined wat can I do

  5. I am josh ross l have receive my grant for the last year and june is my first month that said approved but no date ..

  6. Hi I’m naeema I was approved in June so what do I do now. Do I wait for a date and I don’t have an account how will I get my money

  7. I am Nondumiso Ncinci l have No receive my grant for the last year reason id name and surname not merch but now Id fixed and june is my first month that said approved but no pay date

  8. I have reapply in April and from April it is still on pending.and dont have any income so how long must i wait for any money..I receive the firts time no problem and then since whe had to reapply.nothing what can I do to find out how can it be 4 months pending an not 1 payment.

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