How To Approach A Girl Online | 12 Tips


Are you wondering how you can talk to a girl online and get their attention? then no worries, On this page we have written down 12 tips on How To Approach A Girl Online.

How To Approach A Girl Online | 12 Tips

Ready, let’s dive in.


12 Tips On How To Approach A Girl Online 

1. Choose a good display picture(Dp).

Choosing a great display picture (DP) is the first step to impressing a girl on WhatsApp. Use your best selfie, such as a photo of yourself doing something exciting or one from an interesting place you visited.


When in doubt, just show off your pearly whites and use a selfie head shot with your best smile.

If you don’t want to use a photo of yourself, you could set your DP to your favorite cartoon character, athlete, or a work of art.

2. Try not to get stressed about messaging her. 

Breaking the ice can be stressful, but try to relax and don’t overthink it. The first time you message her, just say hello and ask a question to get things going.


Remember that if she doesn’t reply right away she might just be busy.

Even if she doesn’t respond at all, it’s not the end of the world.

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3. Start by asking her how she’s doing.

The first time you message her, start by saying something like “Hey, how’s it going?” You could also ask what she’s up to or how her day has been.

Starting a conversation by asking her a question can make it more likely she’ll say something in response.


4. Try to be natural and confident. 

Usually, the best way to impress someone is by not trying too hard. Just be yourself – she’ll probably be able to tell if you’re trying to put on an act. While it’s normal to be nervous, just try to have fun when you talk to her.


5. Compliment Her. 

If you really want to impress her, give her a compliment that shows that you pay attention to her. Instead of dropping a stereotypical pick-up line, say something specific that shows you’ve noticed something unique about her.

For example, if you saw her earlier that day, you could say, “I really like how you wore your hair today,” or “You made such a great point in the group – you’re definitely one of the smartest people I know!”


6. Ask if it’s a good time to chat when you message her. 

Show her that you care about her time and that, while you want to talk to her, you don’t want to bother her. Make sure that she’s not getting work done, hanging out with friends, or otherwise occupied.

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7. Don’t bombard her with tons of messages.

Have patience and give her time to respond before sending another message. In addition, most people prefer one longer message instead of a bunch of messages with just a couple words.

Keep the memes to a minimum, too. It’s one thing to send a funny GIF that relates to your conversation, but don’t spam her with tons of random stuff.

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8. Show genuine interest in getting to know her. 

If you really like her and want to impress her, you shouldn’t have to pretend to enjoy talking to her. Sincerity goes a long way, and you’ll have a much easier time maintaining a good conversation if you actually want to get to know her.

Thoughtful questions, relevant responses to her answers, and specific compliments will help let her know you’re sincere.

For example, if she tells you that she’s stressed about having a ton of studying to do, don’t change the subject or talk about how much you have on your plate. Instead, say something like, “Well that’s no good! Should I let you get to work? Or maybe I could help you study?”


9. Let her vent if she’s had a rough day. 

If you ask her how she’s doing and she says “Not great,” ask her why. Tell her you’d be happy to chat about anything that’s bothering her.

She’ll appreciate the fact that you’re willing to let her vent, and you might even be able to impress her by giving her great advice about her problem.



10. Avoid sending or asking for dirty photos or to video chat.

Even if you think you’re paying her a compliment, you’ll just make her feel disrespected, and there’s nothing more unimpressive than that. Being courteous, polite, and genuine will help you stand out better than anything else.

If the two of you know each other outside of social media or are comfortable enough, you could ask her if she wants to video chat. Just keep it clean, and have a nice, face-to-face conversation.


11 Keep It Clean

There is no girl worth your time that once someone speaking dirty to her right off the bat. Women like to be made to feel special. Think about what you want to say, keep it flirty and fun to get started.

This is going to be sure to grab her interest and will keep her talking to you. As things progress, you will have your opportunity to take this WhatsApp chat to another level. In the beginning, keeping it clean is the only respectable way to go.

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12. Make Her Smile

Humor can never be undersold. When you are sending messages through WhatsApp, everybody loves to laugh. Girls like a man who could make them smile, and this is a surefire way that you can impress her without trying hard.

Now this does not mean to go overboard and tell dumb jokes, teasing a girl in a playful manner can keep her interested well chatting with you on WhatsApp. This also helps to make her feel more comfortable and therefore attracted to you.

Making fun of yourself in a joking way is sure to raise a smile as well as interest in you as well. Remember, don’t go overboard. Humor might be great, but if she gets the impression you won’t take anything seriously, this is just as bad. Keep it balanced.


13. Keep on Flirting

Flirting is often what pushes you over the line between somebody that could be a love interest for her and someone she considers to be a friend. In the beginning when chatting on WhatsApp, remember to keep flirting clean and subtle. She is not your girlfriend, just someone you are interested in.

Flirting makes the girl feel special and is a great way to get off to a good start. Gentle teasing, flirty humor, and subtle positive comments are the perfect approach to getting your flirting off the ground.

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