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How To Check WCED School Application | A Step-By-Step Guide

If you have submitted a school application to the Western Cape Education Department, Here’s how you can check your application and the next steps you should take.


How To Check WCED School Application | A Step-By-Step Guide

Once the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) closes their school applications, these applications are processed and considered.

During this period, parents and guardians will want to know what’s happening with the application. Luckily for them, they can track it.


The WCED website will begin to display the outcome of the application process to inform parents as to whether their application has been successful or not.

How To Check WCED School Application

Here’s how to track a WCED school application:

  1. Go to the Western Cape school admissions website
  2. Go to “Track Application Status”
  3. Select the name of the learner
  4. Under “Application Status”, it will inform the parent as to whether their application was successful, unsuccessful or whether the learner has been placed on a waiting list.

After seeing the school application status, the parent must then either “Withdraw” or “Confirm” their application.


If the parent has confirmed an acceptance at a school, they should print and submit a copy of the application, as well as certified copies of the supporting documents, to the school within 7 days of confirming on the system with the school or district office if they have not already submitted hard copies to the school.

There is however a cut off date for confirming or declining offers. Should parents miss this cut off date, the system will automatically accept the first successful offer from a school on the system for them.

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