How To Claim UIF Adoption Benefits | Document Needed

In this article, you see How To Claim UIF Adoption Benefits. Adding a new member to your family can be a very special occasion. However, this moment should not be diminished by worries about the income you will lose after taking adoption leave.


 How To Claim UIF Adoption Benefits

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) provides benefits to people who legally adopted a child below the age of two years old and have contributed to the fund. You will need several crucial documents to claim UIF adoption benefits.

UIF adoption benefits are available to parents who took leave from work or stopped working to take care of the child. A separate condition is that you must have received less than your normal wages while you were on adoption leave.


The application for UIF adoption benefits must be made within six months after the adoption order has been issued by a competent court. Only contributors of the adopting parents can apply for benefits .

The adoption benefits payable is the difference between what the employer pays and the rate prescribed in the benefits schedule of the Unemployment Insurance Act. Benefits can be paid for a maximum of 365 days, this is subject to the availability of credit.

Here Are The Documents Needed To Claim UIF Adoption Benefits

  • 13-digit bar-coded ID or passport;
  • UI-2.8 form for banking details;
  • UI-2.7 form ;
  • UI-2.4 form(application form);
  • certified copy of the adopted baby’s birth certificate;
  • certified copy of the adoption order

These documents and forms can be collected and completed from your nearest Labour Office. Claimants are advised to follow all the instructions given by the labour centre staff to ensure they get access to their benefits as soon as possible.

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