Indecisive Matrics Have Plenty Of Options For Life After School

Matric learners of 2022 are anxiously awaiting the release of their results. For many, life after matric is filled with uncertainty and indecisiveness; but not all is lost because the Indecisive Matrics Have Plenty Of Options For Life After School.


Indecisive Matrics

Completing your matric year means the end of childhood and the start of adulthood, as well as the start of your future. For many matric learners, the uncertainty that lies ahead can be daunting, as many are indecisive or unsure about what to do once they leave school.

Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities available for matriculants. Some learners may choose to study at a university or college for a period of 3 to 4 years, while others may choose to take a short course and/or venture into the world of work immediately.


It’s important to remember that while one option may work for some people, not everything is a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Taking the time to research and really consider all your options can help you make a decision that’s right for you and your life.

Atelisha Harilal, the Head of Student Recruitment and Marketing at Stadio College, says the first step comes before learners receive their results.

”Number one is recognizing the amount of pressure society puts on this moment (the release of the matric results) and the impact we think it will have on the rest of the life of the student, and the pressure this puts on them. The first step for me is to appeal to parents and communities to be supportive, and to think about the students and the pressure they’re feeling”.

Once those results are out, the next step is to consider the institutions you have been accepted at, and note whether your results still meet the entry requirements that you initially qualified for; should that not be the case, then consider ‘what are my plan B’s, what are my plan C’s, etc.’ and look to other institutions which are still open for applications and [are] happy to offer you a position,” she continues.


Finally, she said, understanding the South African articulation pathway is also important.

“A lot of times when a student doesn’t get a Bachelor’s Pass, we perceive that this is the end of their aspiration or the end of their ambition; but it’s actually just a bit of redirection and more work they will have to do, but they can still achieve their degree,” she explains.

Often, tertiary education (particularly a university education) is seen as the best option as there is the perception that a university-accredited qualification will lead to or guarantee a decent job, especially as South Africa battles a persistent youth unemployment crisis.

However, this mindset regarding tertiary education is not always the same for everyone. Smaller technical and training colleges also offer excellent courses and qualifications that can provide just as much benefit as a university education.


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Harilal says exploring all the relevant options is necessary, and parents shouldn’t shy away from assessing all the potential avenues with their child.

“I want to encourage parents to explore the other options at other institutions, not just universities. Even if you may find yourself with a child who has a bend to go into more of a TVET setting to learn a craft that’s going to keep them in employment and give them an entrepreneurial edge, whether they were looking to study at a university [or not], they can find the relevant degree at a private higher education provider, they can get into a higher certificate which will allow them to articulate into degree studies,” explains Harilal.

”It’s very important to do your research; start by looking at the qualification, look at the offering institutions, and from there decide what your next steps should be based on your child’s affordability and academic results”.

Even changing your career path from one job to another for whatever reason (money, passion, flexibility, etc.)  is something to take seriously, especially when you lack access to professional career guidance.

The government has released a list specifying which occupations are in high demand in South Africa, which can be used as a starting point. And, according to Harilal, good advice does not have to come at a premium price. Many institutions offer free career advice to students that can offer help and support through the application process as well.

The matric results are expected to be released on 19 January 2023.


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