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MANCOSA Courses and programmes Offered

MANCOSA courses and programs for students at The Management Of College Of Southern Africa include undergraduate, Postgraduate, Master, Certificate, Diploma, and Distance Learning programs which have gained the Council on Higher Education accreditation.


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MANCOSA is a private higher education institution registered in terms of the Higher Education Act (Act 101 of 1997 as amended). MANCOSA is a leading provider of management programs through supported distance learning in Southern Africa. It has in excess of 10 000 students currently enrolled in its programs.

Mancosa Courses Offered

Click the links below to see the list of  Management Of College Of Southern Africa courses offered:

  • Advanced Diploma in Business Management(Business Management)

Certificate Courses (14 courses)

  • Higher Certificate in Human Resources Management(Human Resources Management)
  • Higher Certificate in Marketing(Marketing)
  • Higher Certificate in Supply Chain Management(Supply Chain Management)
  • Advanced Certificate in Financial Planning(Financial Planning)
  • Higher Certificate in Accounting(Accounting)
  • Higher Certificate in Business Management(Business Management)
  • Advanced Certificate in Management Studies(Management Studies)
  • Higher Certificate in Tax Administration(Tax Administration)
  • Higher Certificate in Public Sector Procurement(Public Sector Procurement)
  • Higher Certificate in Project Management(Project Management)
  • Higher Certificate in Public Management(Public Management)
  • Higher Certificate in Information Technology(Information Technology)
  • Higher Certificate in Local Government and Development Management(Local Government and Development Management)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education(PGCE)

Degree Courses (11 courses)

  • Bachelor of Business Information Technology(BBIT)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration(Business Administration)
  • Bachelor of Science in Public Administration(Public Administration)
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management(HRM)
  • Bachelor of International Business(International Business)
  • Bachelor of Education(Education)
  • Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship(Entrepreneurship)
  • Bachelor of Financial Management(Financial Management)
  • Bachelor of Retail Business Management(Retail Business Management)
  • Bachelor of Marketing Management(Marketing Management)
  • Bachelor of Supply Chain Management(Supply Chain Management)

Doctorate Courses (1 course)

  • Ph.D. in Business Administration(Business Administration)

Masters Courses (2 courses)

  • Master of Business Administration(MBA)
  • Master of Science in Public Administration(Public Administration)

Post Graduate Diploma Courses (3 courses)

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Management(Educational Management)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management(Business Management)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management(Project Management)

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