Parents Of Unplaced Learners Storm Education Offices

It has been a month since inland schools reopened, but not all learners have been placed. Some parents of unplaced learners have decided to take action, as their children are still at home.

Parents Of Unplaced Learners Storm Education Offices

Frustrated Gauteng parents stormed to the Department of Basic Education’s (DBE) Pretoria offices as their children remain unplaced.

This comes after parents had protested outside Gauteng schools.

In the recent incident in the Pretoria DBE offices, the department has said that there was a breach of security, damage to property, and assault.

Parents Of Unplaced Learners Storm Education Offices

One of the parents that spoke to the media, shared that her two sons who were supposed to start grade 8, still aren’t placed as they were both turned away because of language requirements at the different schools.

This parent said that she needs help, hence she has gone as far as going to the DBE offices. The parents wrote their children’s names on a list, hoping that they’d be assisted.

DBE spokesperson, Elijah Mhlanga was on the scene and promised to assist all of these parents.

In an ENCA live interview, the DBE spokesperson shared:

The District Director is here as well to make sure that the admission process is completed but also to ensure that once all these learners have been registered, we are going to go back to the system to check if they haven’t already been allocated spaces in other schools.

Mhlanga also added that they’ll place learners in schools that still have spaces.

According to a report from the district director, all secondary schools in Atteridgeville were over-subscribed and this means that there is a demand for spaces that must be created.

The community of Atteridgeville had suggested that one of the schools in this area that had been permanently closed be reopened to be used for teaching and learning.

The department already has plans underway to reopen Mboweni Primary School in Atteridgeville.

The District Director has identified someone who’ll be an acting Principal once this school is fully operational.

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