Sassa Beneficiaries Receive Grants After Delay

Recipients of Sassa Social grants can now breathe a sigh of relief as many having begun receiving their grant payouts, after being delayed for a considerable amount of time. The agency also went on to confirm payment for other social grants for the current month.


Sassa Beneficiaries Receive Grants After Delay

Beneficiaries of Sassa Social grants began getting their grants on Monday as a result of a delay in payments from the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa).

Following a delay in payments from Sassa, social grant recipients began receiving their grant repayments on Monday. According to media reports, the agency was supposed to process the grant payments on Friday last week


Furthermore, there seemed to be no delays at Sassa’s designated pay points as beneficiaries made their way to various outlets to receive their grant payment.

Earlier this week Sassa had stated beneficiaries would receive their payments on the dates listed below.

Payment dates for July 2022 are as follows:

  1. Monday 4 July 2022: Older Persons Grant
  2. Tuesday 5 July 2022: Disability Grant
  3. Wednesday 6 July 2022: Children’s Grant

Additionally, Sassa had also recommended grant beneficiaries who depend on pay points set up a PIN when collecting their grant payouts. This, according to Sassa, will allow them to withdraw grant money from the aforementioned retail outlets using their Sassa card.

Moreover, grant beneficiaries have unlimited access to their funds before, during, and after the payment without having to pay a visit to any specified pay points. Thus, they are reminded that they have access to their funds at all times and do not necessarily need to withdraw them all at once.

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