SASSA Card Complete Guide For Application And Renewal


SASSA card is an electronic card issued by the South Africa Social Security Agency (SASSA) for various categories of grants beneficiaries to access their monthly payments.


In this article, you will see the following:

  • Complete guide on how to apply for the SASSA Debit Card
  • how to renew the SASSA Card
  • Where you can get the SASSA Card.
  • BONUS: FAQS About The South Africa Social Security Agency Card

Once your grant is approved, you will be issued a SASSA payment card. This card is used to access your grant money. If you wish to use alternative methods of payment such as:
• Banks including Postbank, or
• Institutions, you must contact your nearest SASSA office
Please note that the SASSA card is the only official social grant payment card.

How to Apply for the SASSA Card

Visit any Sassa offices branch, Present an identity document and you will be issued with the new card within minutes.


The new card can also be obtained from Post Office nationwide. Special arrangements are made for immobile beneficiaries who cannot visit a Post Office.

How to Renew SASSA Card 

If you want to renew your card or you want a replacement for your lost card Visit any Sassa office nearest to you. All beneficiaries are requested to keep their cards and pin safely. Beneficiaries can report any problems they may encounter to their nearest Sassa office.

Benefits of a SASSA Account:

The account will allow the following transactions at no cost to the beneficiary:
  •  1 Cash withdrawal over the counter at a SA Post Office branch per month.
  • 1st Issued biometric enabled EMV chip card;
  • 1st Replacement biometric enabled EMV chip card (per annum);
  •  3 Retail merchants cash withdrawals (per month);
  • Purchase and cash back combinations at retail merchants;
  • 1st ATM balance enquiry (per month);
  • 1 Mini statement at SA Post Office branches;
  • 1st Full statement (for a maximum period of 3 months) at SA Post Office branches
  • 1st PIN Reset at SA Post Office branches (per annum);
  • PIN Reset at SASSA offices.

The SA Post Office also caters for beneficiaries who are not comfortable using a PIN. These beneficiaries can present their ID document to make a withdrawal inside the Post Office branch using biometric authentication instead of a PIN to withdraw funds.

FAQS About The SASSA Card

How do I apply for new Sassa card?


Visit any Post Office branch, present an identity document and you will be issued with the new card within minutes. The new card can also be obtained from Sassa offices nationwide. Special arrangements are made for immobile beneficiaries who cannot visit a Post Office.

What documents do I need to re-register?
Your identity document.

Can I get a new Sassa card at the post office?

Beneficiaries can only swap their old cards for the new SASSA cards at local SASSA office’s, cash paypoints (not merchants) and selected Post Offices.
How do I replace my lost Sassa card?
If a SASSA card is lost or stolencall the help desk immediately on 0800 600 160 to STOP the card. Then go to the nearest police station for an affidavit stating how the card was lost or stolen. The affidavit must be signed by the police and then be presented to SASSA when one requests a replacement card.
Where can I use my Sassa card?
SASSA makes use of a card payout grant system which makes it possible for beneficiaries to withdraw their grant payments from a South African Post Office (SAPO) or any ATM of the major banks in the country.
Can you still use old Sassa card?
The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has announced that Sassa-Sapo cards are still valid and will be working beyond 31 March 2021. This assurance was given after social media misinformation and claims that the card would expire and stop working was spread.
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  1. Evening,

    My mom has lost her sassa card, how can she reapply for renewal, can I do it on her behalf via online system or does she personally need to come in to the nearest branch?

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    Riyaz Shabodien

  2. Please phone me urgently my Mom’s sassa card has been stolen and cannot get through to your advertised line

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    My father was placed in a frail care centre for dementia last year his sassa card expires 2023,how do i apply for his new sassa card

  4. I lost my id and my sassa card can I use an affidavit to replace my card ? Or I have to start at home affairs to apply for a temporary ID first

  5. my sassa card was swallowed by the bank teller yesterday what must i do can i do it online or what

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