Sassa Food Vouchers Included In SRD Grant Payments For Disaster Victims

The natural disaster that recently occurred in KwaZulu-Natal has left Sassa grant beneficiaries more vulnerable than before. In response to this, Sassa is looking to make the following changes in how they disburse the Social Relief of Distress grant.


Sassa Food Vouchers Included In SRD Grant Payments For Disaster Victims

KwaZulu-Natal has been hard-hit by recent floods that wreaked havoc on large parts of the province. As a result, the natural disaster has prompted Sassa to take a different approach on how they will pay the recipients of the R350 grant.

According to Sassa, this means that there will be a temporary provision of assistance to the people affected by the disaster, particularly those who are unable to provide basic necessities for their family.


Sassa will provide the following Social Relief of Distress(SRD) grant to beneficiaries who have been impacted by the disaster.

  1. Food voucher valued at R1 200 to each family
  2. R1 980.00*2 (total amount paid per family: R3 960) as food voucher or cash to a family with deceased family member/s due to the disaster.
  3. School uniforms to learners who lost their uniforms during the disaster:
  • Girls R2 700
  • Boy R2 500

Affected beneficiaries can apply for the food voucher by submitting their contact details to the councillor at their nearest municipality or social worker.

Sassa has further stated that the affected applicants will receive the aid for one month since that is how long it takes for the victim’s lives to normalise, and the other form of SRD, including the R350 grant, will still be available for people who are struggling.


Applications will be processed immediately after assessment is done and once approval is granted, the voucher will be issued. For any further information, applicants can contact Sassa’s toll free number: 0800601011 or their regional call centre: 0338463400.

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  1. this thing of reapplying is so confusing’ how government is doing this but? people are suffering and some cant even read nor understand english” why are we suffering as if this is not our country

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