SASSA has started Giving Pay Dates To Applicants Without Pay Dates

SASSA has started Giving Pay Dates To Applicants Approved a Long Time Without Pay dates. Have you checked your status RECENTLY? If yes, when you checked did you see any changes on your Status regarding pay dates?


SASSA has started Giving Pay Date To Applicants Without Pay Date

Reports reaching us indicate that applicants who have been approved for more than three weeks without pay dates are now having pay dates.

Some of these affected applicants we have contacted have proof that the news is true and factual.


Most of these applicants had no idea why the delay in getting pay dates after several days of approval.

Most of these applicants were receiving cash through their personal bank accounts and few from Cash Send or Ewallet account and post office.

Recently, it was revealed that the amount that was earmarked for SRD R350 Grant was yet to be approved by Parliament and that was the possible reason for the undue delay of payments.


When the first batch of payments was made on 25th August 2021, we thought payments will continue smoothly but that hit a snag, and frustration set in.

Now it is official and clear that, SASSA ran out of funds and payment is likely to be continued next week as we have already received signals.

To check your status follow this GUIDE.

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