South African Students Stranded In Ukraine Train

Two South African students were amongst people who boarded a train, trying to flee from bombings as a result of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. However, the train that the duo boarded had to take an alternative route.


South African Students Stranded In Ukraine Train

Amidst the Ukraine-Russia Conflict, two South African students tried to flee to the West of Ukraine using a train.

However, the train had to make a detour as the students received news of bombings on the route that their train was traveling in.


This had led the train officials to try to figure out which route will be best to take.

Media reports state that the railway station in Lviv, near the Polish border, is overwhelmed with requests but has almost no tickets.

ENCA was able to get hold of the students and they had shared their experience as they board this train.


In the interview, one of the students, Vuvu Ntonga said:

It feels like a nightmare, honestly. We are just in the middle of whatever and we’re just waiting to see what we can do.

Ntonga further mentioned that the bombings were not only happening at the military bases but have somehow intruded into where civilians live, which also puts their lives in danger.

Karabo Ramolefo, one of the students, also shared how everyone immediately panicked when the train rerouted.

The students said the reason that they agreed to do this interview, is to get help from the South African government.


The students also shared how other African nationals were facing racism at the Russian borders.

A concerned South African expat, Hailey Reichert is willing to assist fellow South Africans and other foreign nationals out of the war zone to either Polish or Hungarian soil.

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