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UFS Academic Record – Everything you need to know

What is UFS Academic Record Or Transcript?

UFS academic Record is an official record of your complete enrolment history at UFS, including the results you achieved for each course, credit points, Grade Point Average (GPA) for each semester, and the overall GPA for your studies. Academic Transcript/Record is at times one of the Jobs or internships requirements that could disqualify you if you refuse to submit a copy.


What is A Good Academic Record?

A Good Academic record as defined by many Universities is the none with at least 55% marks (or an equivalent grade in a point scale, wherever grading system is followed).

Application For UFS Academic Record

Applying or requesting for your academic record at UFS (University Of Free State) is very simple, your question might be one of the following in wish we have given answers to:

How do I get copies of my academic record and transcript?

Non-registered students

To get official (stamped) records, your account must be fully paid, you must be in good standing with the university, and you need to pay the amounts set out in the transcript request form.


Complete the UFS Request Form and send it to

Registered students

Registered students for the current academic year will only pay after receiving their third free copy.

Please View This PDF For more information – Click Here


How do I get proof of registration / medical aid letter / degree confirmation?

Send a written request to

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