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UIF Payments | Everything You Must know

On this FAQ page, you will see answers about Unemployment Insurance fund (UIF) Payments frequently asked questions.


Can I pay UIF from multiple bank accounts?
No, you cannot pay a single UIF contribution from different bank accounts. You may set up different bank accounts in uFiling and when paying you can then select a bank account for that contribution.

Once you have received confirmation that your uFiling account is activated, you can load your banking details under the menu “Employer” and “Bank Account Details”.

Are future-dated transactions accepted by any Banking facility?
Future-dated transactions are allowed for activated uFilers for all the major banks. It must be noted however, that ABSA Direct does not allow future dated transactions, and Standard Bank Business Online (CATS) require transactions on the day that the transaction is created.


No, uFiling does not allow for the payment of penalties and Interest. Please contact the UIF directly to obtain the correct amounts for penalties and Interest. The Unemployment Insurance fund (UIF) will then provide you with the correct reference numbers and account number to use when paying penalties and Interest.

Yes, you must be activated on uFiling to submit your Unemployment Insurance fund (UIF) declarations and contribution payments.

No, however activating as an practitioner will allow a user to administer other Domestic Employers and Commercial Employers. This includes the ability to receive monthly issued declarations, to submit declarations and pay contributions on behalf of these Employers.


No, the system calculates the UIF payable based on the salaries entered for the employee(s).

When submitting a Unemployment Insurance fund (UIF) declaration online, the relevant reference information is recorded and a debit is recorded on the relevant UIF contributor’s account. When a manual payment is made by the payer, the payer must ensure that the reference number for the declaration period is correctly provided. The reference number to be provided when the contribution is paid must be as follows (UIF Reference Number and the contribution period year and month – YYMM) Typical example: (9999999 0906).

The UIF on receipt of their statements from the banks will identify the reference number provided and then reconcile that reference number to the online declaration that was made by the uFiler. The Unemployment Insurance fund (UIF) system will generate a credit to the same UIF contributor’s account based on the reference provided, cancelling out the initial debit details.

No, UIF will only accept payments via debit order or via Internet banking credit push.


Please visit to apply for Unemployment, Maternity, Illness & Adoption benefits. You may also use uFiling to submit a continuation form to continue receiving payments.

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