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Where To Find Computer Courses For Beginners

Learning something new can often be a daunting task for many, however, the skills you could acquire could quite literally change your life.


Where To Find Computer Courses For Beginners

The role of computers in our lives is growing. Many tasks that would have previously been done physically can now be completed using computers. These tasks include sending messages, signing documentation and learning.

Knowing your way around a computer or laptop could result in you completing tasks more efficiently and with less effort.


Here’s Where To Find Computer Courses For Beginners

Unisa – The University of South Africa School of Computing offers a wide array of computer courses that provide students with all the relevant skills that will make them more attractive to potential employers.

SCHOOL OF IT – School Of IT offers several different computer courses for all levels. One of their popular offerings is their Microsoft office courses which are essential for everybody working in office environments. You can get into the nitty gritties of Microsoft office applications and equip yourself with the skills you need to succeed.


ICDL South Africa – ICDL offers several beginner computer courses equipping you with essential computer skills around how to operate Microsoft documents, work with spreadsheets, IT security, data protection and information literacy.

Quest Computer Skills Centre – Limited to only 14 learners per class, Quest Computer Skills Centre offers small classes for personalised learning where each student sits at a computer and receives user-friendly manuals to guide them in improving their computer skills.

Tebo Computers – Situated in the heart of Imizamo Yethu Township, Tebo computers offers two modules. Their first year module, which focuses on touch typing, will introduce you to typing and increase your typing speed. Their second-year module requires students to have typing as a prerequisite and will show you the ropes around operating systems introduction ms word ms PowerPoint ms excel ms outlook internet research and e-mailing.

Cyber Minds Training Institutes – Cyber Minds Training Institutes offers all the beginner computer courses you can attend and gain the necessary skills to work with operating systems, Microsoft Office applications and typing.


Always remember to do your research to find the computer course that gives you the skills you want to obtain and the pricing that suits your pocket. Also, remember to ask important questions about the certification you will receive on completion of your chosen course and whether the course being offered is accredited.


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