Why April And May R350 Grant Applications Are Pending

Many Sassa R350 grant applicants are left with the status “Pending” and are unsure of what this means in relation to the progress of their application. Sassa has explained what this means and what happens to your application when you submit it.

Why April And May R350 Grant Applications Are Pending

Although Sassa is still processing payments of the current cycle of the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant for the current month, many of its applicants still find that their application status says “Pending”.

This is despite having been approved for June when they track it.

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has said that this has been happening because through their systems, they have been trying to keep up with the influx of current applications, hence the June applications have been approved.

Sassa has further stated that they recognize and have duly noted the backlog of applications from the period of May and April and added that they are working towards resolving the issue through a project that they are working on.

In addition to this, Sassa has said that it is likely that R350 grant recipients will receive their July payment prior to their May payment.

The agency also points out that they are hoping to pay April payments in July and May payments in August, and that applicants should note that these R350 grant payments will not be in the form of double payments/lump sum because Sassa assesses every month individually.


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