Why Unisa is Investigated by Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation

In the first quarter of this year, the Minister of Higher Education in South Africa appointed an independent assessor to investigate one of the country’s largest universities. All members of the institution’s community are invited to make a submission concerning the investigation.


Why Unisa is Investigated by Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation

Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation Blade Nzimande appointed an Independent Assessor to investigate the state of affairs at the University of South Africa (Unisa). This comes after several complaints were received by his department from concerned members of the Unisa community.

The appointment of the Independent Assessor was made following the submission and recommendations of the Ministerial Task Team (MTT) on the Strategic Review of Unisa. This was supported by written and face-to-face engagements between the Minister and the Unisa council.


Unisa welcomed the appointment made by Nzimande. They believe it is the correct platform and process to address the challenges and allegations against the university.

“In the same manner that it supported and cooperated with the work of the MTT, the university once again commits to providing its unconditional support and cooperation to the Independent Assessor in the fulfilment of the mandate outlined by the Minister,” declared the university.

The investigation will evaluate the functioning and efficacy of the University’s governance and management structures, the operations of the Office of the Registrar in relation to the management of academic affairs, registration and certification matters and the state of human resource policies and practices of the University.


The Independent Assessor will also conduct a detailed analysis of the reasons for the significant number of staff suspensions, disciplinary cases, and dismissals at Unisa since 2018. They will also test the veracity of claims against Unisa’s Vice-Chancellor of mismanagement and misconduct.

Students and staff can make submissions to the Independent Assessor via email at

Individuals must not copy or send correspondences meant for the Independent Assessor to any university officials. This will compromise the integrity of the investigation.

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