Appeal Alternative Income Source Identified R350 Grant Status


Have you been declined for alternative income source Identified as the reason for the decline? then no worries, because in this article you will see how to appeal Alternative Income Source Identified SASSA R350 Grant Status.

Appeal Alternative Income Source Identified R350 Grant Status

Last year, it happened and SASSA had to reverse most of these issues and approved them over public outcry.


As SASSA has already indicated, applicants who have been declined for whatever reason have the right to appeal.

Last year, applicants had to send an appeal application to a certain email address but this time around, they have simplified the process by integrating the appeal application as a reconsideration module on their website.


Main Reason Why SASSA Decline SRD R350 Applicants for Alternative Income Source Identified

According to SASSA, an applicant is considered to have an alternative income source if the applicant has been receiving at least R595 per month in his or her bank account. Automatically, SASSA’s system assumes that you are receiving income regardless of the owner of the cash inflows.

It sounds very weird and pathetic though but thus what SASSA claims to be used to know people’s income source.

Aggrieved applicants are just a button away to apply for reconsideration and must be done within 30 days from the date of the decline.

Appeal Alternative Income Source Identified SASSA SRD Grant Status

Let’s follow these tips and steps to appeal our decline or in other words submit our reconsideration application.

  • Click on this link
  • A new web page will load asking for your ID number and the phone number used to submit the application.
  • Enter these details correctly.
  • Beneath it you will find a button labeled as “send pin”, click on it.
  • The system will automatically send you a pin code to the number to confirm enter the pin code received and submit.
  • The page containing the reconsideration will load.
  • Select the month of August (thus the month you intend to appeal”)
  • The decline status and the reason will show up.
  • Besides the reason for the decline, a drop down list reconsideration reason are there. Choose “No alternative source of income”.
  • This is to indicate that you di not have any other source of income.
  • After that submit your application and wait for the outcome.

One that is clear here is that if your bank account has been receiving funds regularly, then you must stop it, as SASSA keeps monitoring your bank account cash flows.

The same thing applies to the Cash Send too. Receiving funds through your ewallet account or Cash Send will also mean alternative income source Identified.

Keep checking your status for reconsideration or appeal as SASSA is reviewing the appeals for reconsideration.

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