Gauteng School Applications Close This Week

If you are yet to submit your 2023 online school admission application for Grade 1 and Grade 8 in Gauteng, then it may be ideal for you to do so as soon as possible. The provincial education department’s closing deadline is due to come in the next few days.

Gauteng School Applications Close This Week

On Friday,  22 July 2022, the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) opened its 2023 online admissions for Grade 1 and Grade 8 enrollment. Parents and guardians wishing to enrol their children in the province should also keep in mind that applications will close in a week on Monday, 19 August 2022.

GDE assured applicants that its online systems were adequately prepared for a large number of incoming applications by confirming the number of first-day applications received at the time.

Since Friday, 5 August 2022, the GDE Online Admissions System has received 250 463 applications for Grade 1 and 345,456 applications for Grade 8. The most recent application-related announcement from the department indicated that there have currently been 595,919 applications submitted altogether.

To get assistance with applications, parents and guardians have also been urged to go to the agency’s district offices and decentralised walk-in centres.

The Department has also compiled a list of Walk-In-Centres that are open and accepting applications right now in the province’s neighbouring cities like Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg, Tshwane, Sedibeng, and West Rand. During the application period, applicants can visit one of these locations to apply for Grades 1 and 8 as an alternative.

For more help, applicants can also call the GDE Contact Centre at 0800 000 789 or send a message on the department’s WhatsApp at 060 891 0361.

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