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GDE Application | GDE online application & registration 2023

GDE online admissions for 2023: The Gauteng Department of Education GDE Application 2023 window for GDE registration 2023 into grade 1 and 8 for Gauteng schools is now open.  If you are a parent seeking admission placement for your children at the Gauteng schools you must apply for GDE admission Via the GDE admissions portal.


GDE Application

To assure that your GDE applications are successfully submitted to the Gauteng Department of Education, all online applications for GDE admission must be submitted during the prescribed application period. You are also advised to attach all the required GDE admissions application Documents.

The 2023 ONLINE ADMISSIONS have started Play your part! Apply online for Grade 1 and/or Grade 8 to secure space at a Gauteng Public School from 22 July 2022 to 19 August 2022


Placement offers will be sent to the cellphone number the parent/guardian registered with from 3 October 2022 to 30 November 2022


Learners who were applied for using the GDE Online Admissions system will receive placement as per the following admission regulations:

  • Step 1: Register Parent Details
  • Step 2: Register Address Details
  • Step 3: Register Learner Details
  • Step 4: Apply to a Maximum of 5 Schools
  • Step 5: Upload OR Submit Documents

Please note:

  • Parents are encouraged to use the home address within school feeder zone application option to see schools with feeder zones that cover the
  • parent’s home address
  • To increase the chances of placement closer to the parent’s home address, parents should select schools with feeder zones that cover the parent’s home address
  • Parents will be able to apply to a minimum of 3 schools and a maximum of 5 schools for each learner
  • Parents cannot make more than one application for one learner to the same school
  • Parents must remember to read and accept the Terms and Conditions
GDE application will be from 22 July 2022- 19 August 2022 To apply, log in to 


For admission of your child to Grade 1 or Grade 8 in a public school, apply online from 08:00 on 22 July 2022 to midnight on 19 August 2022.

Parents/guardians with children going to Grade 1 and/or Grade 8 in 2023 are reminded to log on to  to apply to a school.

  • Assistance regarding online applications is also available at any walk-in centre or school in your area

Parents/guardians are required to provide one reliable cellphone number to receive a username and password, and other important information about the child’s application


All applicants need to remember to upload certified copies of required documents on the system or submit documents to the schools they applied to within 7 days of making the application

Parents/guardians are urged to log on to the system and accept offers of placement that will be sent via SMS from 3 October 2022 to 30 November 2022


Parents who wish to apply for Grade R, Grade 2-7, and Grade 9-12 at a public school in Gauteng for the 2023 academic year must apply directly at their identified school(s)

and not on the GDE Online Admissions System.

Parents and guardians are urged to interact directly with their identified schools to receive guidance on how and when to apply for these grades.

GDE application will be from 22 July 2022-19 August 2022 To apply, log in to 


Before making an application for Grade 1 and Grade 8 during the 2023 Online Admissions application period, parents must have certified copies of the following documents:

  1. Parent/Guardian ID OR Passport
  2. Child ID OR South African Birth Certificate OR Passport
  3. Refugee Permit OR Asylum Seeker Permit OR Permanent Residence Permit OR ‘Study Permit
  4. Proof of Residential/Home Address
  • Acceptable proof of residential/home address is a certified copy of a valid municipal account in the name of the applicant parent OR a lease agreement signed by both the applicant and the landlord as well as the ID document of the landlord specifying the names of the tenants
  • Please note: an application cannot be processed without the proof of residential home address of the applicant’s parent
  1. Proof of Work Address (Optional, for those applying at a school closer to work)
  2. Latest Schoo! Report and Clini Cardmmunisation Report (ForGrade 1 application only)



(1) Parents must upload certified copies of required documents on the GDE Online Admissions System ( OR submit certified copies of required documents to all the schools applied to within 7 days

(2) Parents cannot both upload and submit documents

(3) Parents must ensure that the details they enter into the System when applying match the information of the documents they upload or submit

GDE application will be from 22 July 2022-9 August 2022. To apply, log in to 

GDE online registration 2023 – GDE 2023 registration

Step 1: Enter details of the parent/legal guardian (GDE registration 2023)

  • First of all, you have to press the GDE Apply for 2023 button or click Register when you open the official website of the GDE. You must accept the Terms and Conditions and click Continue to proceed with an application. Then you will proceed to the page where you would need to type your information.
  • When the “Enter Parent/Guardian Details” form appears, you have to fill in every field marked with an asterisk. The required information consists of the municipality, street name and number, your phone number, and so on. Then, you will have to enter your South African ID number. You can leave the fields with the landline and email address.
  • In the application process, you will have to create a username as well as a password. You will need this password while accessing the main application. The password has to be unique and consists of 8 characters, including a capital letter, small letters, a special character, and numbers. Do not forget it, write it down, and keep it in a safe place. However, if you forget the password or username, you can reset it.

Step 2: Include the information about the learner

On the next page titled Enter Learners Details you have to:

  • Fill in the information of your child including the fact whether the learner is South African or not, the identification number, province, and the current grade.
  • Once you have filled all the required fields, you should click the “Submit Learner Details” button.

GDE application 2023 – GDE online application 2023

Step 3: Applying to a school (GDE online application for 2023)

Choose an application option. You will have to select one of the options: home address, sibling, work address, a school within a 30-kilometer radius, school beyond a 30-kilometer radius, and school of focus learning. There are also two options that you can use for placement but not for application; they are boarding school and previous school.

  • When you select the “home address” or “work address” option, the system will automatically filter the schools and ask you to choose one from the options that are either close to your home or work.
  • If you choose the “sibling” option, it is possible to apply to a school where the sibling studies. It is needed to give the information about the sibling including their name, surname, and the school.
  • If you decide to use the option considering the school within or beyond the 30-kilometer radius of your home address, the system will provide you with all the schools within or beyond the radius so you can select a certain school.
  • The last option you can opt for is “school of focus learning”, the list of such types of schools will pop up. The learner will have to complete admission tests.

You can apply to a maximum of 5 schools per child.

After finalizing the application form, you can press “Submit Application”, and the application is made.

Application Confirmation SMS, Then you will get an SMS that will confirm the successful submission of an application. You would be given a Waiting List reference number that will appear on the screen. The number means that your application was actually submitted. Please check if you get the SMS because in case you do not receive it, you have to ensure that you have done everything in a proper way.

Note that after you have received the Waiting List reference number, as a parent, you still have the privilege of applying again. After submitting your first application, you will have three options to choose from. You can press “Apply to another school for the same learner”, “Apply for another learner” or the Logoff button.

There are six types of Waiting List reference numbers that you can receive. They are:

  • WA1 – Parent is living closest to the school in the feeder zone
  • WA2 – A child has a sibling at the school
  • WA3 – Parent works within a feeder zone of a school
  • WA4 – Parent’s home address is within a 30-kilometer radius of a school
  • WB – Parent’s home address is beyond a 30-kilometer radius of a school
  • WA5 – Schools of focus learning

Documents to Submit to the Schools You have applied for Admission

Once you are done with your online registration for 2023, you would be required to submit the following documents to the school that you chose while applying. The list of all the necessary documents will appear on the confirmation note of application for SA citizens and Non-SA citizens.

Therefore, whether the child is entering into Grade 1 or going to Grade 8, the following are the documents that you will need to submit:

  • Your identification document as the parent or legal guardian
  • The birth certificate of the learner
  • Proof of your home or work address
  • Immunization/clinic document which should prove that the child does not have tuberculosis, tetanus, hepatitis B, polio, measles, and diphtheria (if the child is applying as Grade 1 learner)
  • If the child is in another school, you will need to supply the most recent report of the child

However, if the learner is non-South African, you should submit the documents including:

  • The passport of the parent or legal guardian
  • Proof of your home or work address
  • The Asylum Seeker or Refugee Permit of the child
  • The most current academic report card of the school where the child is presently (if the child is applying for Grade 8)

Make sure that you bring all these documents within the period of seven days of the online application for school admission.


GDE Online Video Instructions: For help on how to use the system, please watch the instructional video for assistance.

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