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Apply To Monash South Africa For 2022 – Online Application

Apply to Monash South Africa –  Online Application 2022 We have gathered information about Monash South Africa online application, registrations, courses, and more. Find out what an applicant need to apply for admission at the IIE Monash South Africa, Read how you can apply to Monash South Africa Online below.


Apply To Monash South Africa - Online Application


In other to apply you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Select your programme, confirm that you meet the Local or International academic requirements and the English language requirements for the programme you’d like to study.
  2. Please be advised that you are required to upload a copy of your SA ID document or International Passport in order for your Application to be processed.
  3. Arrange for payment of your non-refundable R 400.00 application fee which you will be required to pay before your application is processed.Plan for your tuition and accommodation financial needs by visiting our financing options.
  4. Now you are ready to Apply! Apply Now

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Contact Monash South Africa

For more information on how to apply to Monash South Africa, you can visit their website.

Alternatively, you can contact the IIE-MSA Admissions Department using the following number:



Telephone: +27 11 950 4000

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