How Unisa Plans To Pay Out NSFAS Allowances

Universities throughout the country are currently in the process of disbursing NSFAS allowances to students and Unisa has recently given an update on how they plan to carry out the process.

How Unisa Plans To Pay Out NSFAS Allowances

The University of South Africa (Unisa) has recently announced that they are currently preparing to pay NSFAS bursary allowances directly to students.

As per the recent message, Unisa is in the process of preparing to pay allowances directly to students’ bank accounts. Addressing this matter successfully is a priority for the institution.

This comes after the tertiary institution stated that they would no longer be paying the allowances through intelimali this past week. Adding that they would not renew their contractual agreement with the payment administrator.

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The institution appealed to its students to be patient throughout the process as they are looking to avoid making any mistakes in paying out the allowance.

Meanwhile students have been urged to ensure that they have active bank accounts and see to it that their contact details on myUnisa are up to date and that their myLife e-mail accounts are active

Unisa also stated that students will be informed in due course when the online platform for capturing banking details is up and running.

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