Positions Of South Africa’s Universities in Worldwide Universities Ranking

The Centre for World University Rankings, out of the Global 2000 list, has been released. In this article, you will see Positions Of South Africa’s Universities in Worldwide Universities Ranking.


Positions Of South Africa's Universities in Worldwide Universities Ranking

According to the Center for World University Rankings, the following South African universities rank as follows:

  • University of Cape Town: #270
  • Wits: #292
  • Stellenbosch University: #441
  • UKZN: #484
  • University of Pretoria: #555
  • University of Johannesburg: #629
  • North-West University: #880
  • University of the Western Cape: #1186
  • University of the Free State: #1226
  • Unisa: #1302
  • Rhodes University: #1304
  • Nelson Mandela University: #1636

South Africa has also ranked its universities in the following way:


Rank for South Africa:

  1. University of Cape Town
  2. Wits University
  3. Stellenbosch University
  4. University of Kwazulu-Natal 
  5. University of Pretoria
  6. University of Johannesburg
  7. North-West University
  8. University of the Free State
  9. University of the Western Cape
  10. Unisa
  11. Rhodes University
  12. Nelson Mandela University

Students interested in studying at any of these universities still have an opportunity to apply. Majority of the universities’ applications have already opened and some will be opening in the next few weeks.

Click here to find out more about the universities listed above.



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