How You Can Help Someone Struggling To Find Employment


It can be very hard to find a new job. You can spend hours or days applying for jobs. It is normal to feel frustrated and hopeless when it comes to finding a job, especially if you or the person you are wanting to help has been out of work for some time.

How You Can Help Someone Struggling To Find Employment

When you know someone who is struggling to find a job, it’s natural to want to help. You may feel there is more you could be doing to help the person in their search for employment.


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Trying to help someone without knowing what kind of support they need can be frustrating for both people; it’s hard to offer help when you don’t know what your friend needs. So if you know someone who is unemployed, ask them what kind of support they would like from you before you start any projects on their behalf. If you’re not sure how much time and effort to invest, it can be helpful to think about where your friend is in the process of finding a new job. Is he or she just entering the job market, or has he or she been looking for a long time? If your friend isn’t actively looking for work, perhaps he or she will welcome a few hours of telephone research on your part, helping them gather information about organizations that might be interested in hiring them.


You could also offer to speak with employers on behalf of your friend. You can write letters or help your friend prepare for interviews. You don’t have to be an expert on the field, but if you can provide a personal recommendation, that could go a long way toward helping your friend get hired. It is often easier to get someone employed through a personal connection than it would be through a job listing.

Once you have helped your friend get started on their job search, remember that they will need continued support as they search for work. Even after they find a job, continue to check in with them once in awhile to see how things are going and offer support when needed.

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If someone close to you has recently lost a job:

  • Listen to them. They may be afraid or embarrassed about telling anyone that they have lost their job, so it is important that you let them know that you are willing to listen. Let them express how they are feeling, and help them figure out what they want from their next job.
  • Help them set goals for their search and ways of reaching those goals. If the person has been out of work for a long time, it might be hard for them to think about what kind of job would make them happy or how they would go about getting it. To help your loved one see all their options in getting a new job, help them come up with specific goals they could achieve in the short term.
  • Talk about their strengths and what makes them unique. If someone is looking for work, it’s likely that their self-confidence has taken a hit—even if the problem isn’t anything they’ve done wrong (or anything at all).

Help your loved one maintain their confidence throughout the job search process by praising their hard work and dedication.

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