Independent Panel Appointed To Investigate Racism Allegations

Racism allegations have surfaced at another school, leading to learners boycotting classes. KZN Education Minister has paid a visit to the school to resolve the matter at hand.


KwaZulu Natal Education Minister Kwazi Mshengu paid a visit to the Grosvenor Girls’ High School to speak to parents and the school’s School Governing Body (SGB).

This comes after learning was disrupted at the school as learners had refused to attend classes.

It has been reported that the learners were complaining about abusive racist remarks and rules regarding hairstyles.


On social media, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) eThekwini councilors and party members are seen barring the province’s Education Minister from addressing Grosvenor learners.

The party had shared that they want all of the individuals that had the racial allegations leveled against them to be suspended until there are outcomes from the investigations.

In a live ENCA interview, Mshengu confirmed:


We are going to appoint an independent panel, which will dig in detail with the allegations of racism.

The Education Department received reports of learners being called offensive names by an education staff member.

Mshengu has appealed to the SGB members to come forward to the panel, and tell their story if they have had the same experience.

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