Is Child Grant Now R720 Per Child?

There are several social media posts allegedly making rounds that from this month, SASSA child grant will now be increased to R720 per child.


Is child grant Now R720 per child?

Some mothers or caregivers are wondering how true this statement is. So after various requests from sources of SASSA indicates that that news going around, especially on the social media platform more especially Facebook should not be taken seriously and should be ignored.

But what rather SASSA has indicated is that there is a top-up of grants for certain groups of people who are already receiving child grants.


This was announced last month, June 2022 when SASSA gave a requirement for qualifications so that those fall within that requirements can apply either online or in-person at the SASSA office locally.

It is likely this is what people have misconstrued to mean all recipients of child grants will receive R720 this month.

For more details on that new arrangement made for some qualified child grant recipients which started in June 2022, please click on the article below to find out more.


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