New Increase in Sassa Child Support Grant

Social grants ensure that millions of South Africans receive some financial support from the government. A recent announcement by the Department of Social Development (DSD) will see some grant recipients receive a higher grant payment every month.


New Increase in Sassa Child Support Grant

The DSD has gazetted the proclamation of the Social Assistance Amendment Act which is set to improve the social assistance program to benefit orphans and vulnerable children. The current child protection programmes reach over 13 million children.

The Social Assistance Amendment Act specifically seeks to make provision for additional payments linked to social grants, including the implementation of the extended Child Support Grant (CSG) policy for orphans in the care of relatives (CSG Top-Up).


“This policy intervention empowers the Minister of Social Development, in concurrence with the Minister of Finance, to make provision for a top-up of 50% more on the child support grant for orphans in the care of relatives, who are eligible for the CSG”, explained the department.”

These children will receive their basic CSG, which is currently R480, plus an additional amount of R240 (50% of the basic CSG), bringing the total amount to R720.

The department explained the provision is part of the comprehensive legal solution to the foster care challenge as it will enable relatives who are caring for orphans to get a grant quickly by approaching the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) directly.


Previously, they would require a social worker’s investigation, report and a court order before applying for the grant with Sassa.

The department said, “The CSG Top-Up alleviates the burden on social workers contending with high foster care caseloads by reducing the number of new applications and two-yearly extensions. This will free them up to provide responsive child protection and care services to all children in need of care and protection.”

The department believes this intervention strengthens and supports the safety net of orphaned children through a specifically defined additional accessible cash benefit.

Eligible caregivers can now apply for the CSG Top Up at any of SASSA’s local offices and online as of today June 2022.


Here’s What’s Needed To Apply For The Child Support Grant Top Up

– certified copies of the death certificates of the child’s parent/s; or

– where the death certificate of one of the parents of the child cannot be obtained by the applicant, a certified copy of the death certificate of one parent and an affidavit by the applicant attesting to the unknown status of the child’s other parent.

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