May/June Matric Exams | Everything You Need To Know

Hundreds of thousands of matriculants received their results last week.  However, some will want to improve their results during the May/June supplementary examination season. Here is everything you need to know about the May/June Matric Exams.


May/June Matric Exams

In South Africa there are three different types of passes namely Bachelor’s pass, Diploma pass and Higher Certificate pass. The type of pass you achieve in grade 12 determines which educational opportunities you qualify to pursue.

However, if you did not get the results needed to study a course you really wanted to do, you can improve your results in the May/June 2022 supplementary examination period.


The May/June 2022 examination period is not only reserved for learners who participated in the 2021 National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations. This means you may qualify to participate in the upcoming supplementary examinations.

Applications to register for the May/June examinations must be submitted by the February 18 2022 closing date. Registration can be done immediately after a candidate receives their results.

Here’s all you need to know about the May/June supplementary examinations

  1. All candidates who registered for the October/November examinations as from 2008 may register.
  2. Candidates who want to improve their marks can register.
  3. Candidates may only register for subjects which they were previously registered for.
  4. Candidates must have completed their SBA tasks, practical assessment and tasks and the language oral marks in the previous October/November examination period.
  5. Candidates who were absent from an examination with a valid reason. (illness, death of an immediate family member or other special reasons) You will need to provide proof and relevant documentation to your school principal where the registration form is submitted.
  6. If a candidate missed one question paper for a particular subject, they will be required to complete all the question papers for that particular subject.
  7. If an irregularity is being investigated in relation to your marks, provisional enrollment can be granted pending the outcome of the investigation.

The NSC Examination timetable for the May/June examinations can be downloaded at

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