R350 Grant Clients Advised To Choose Suitable Payment Method

The South African Social Security Agency has a number of payment methods that have been made available to R350 grant beneficiaries. The government agency has announced that some of these beneficiaries need to make a few changes when it comes to their payment methods.

R350 Grant Clients Advised To Choose Suitable Payment Method

Statistics South Africa’s 2022 Census has shown that the population of the youth in the country is 20.6 million, and approximately 50% are individuals that are not in education, employment and training. Amongst the 10 million young people, are those who have been without employment due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The government agency, the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has since been administering the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant to beneficiaries.

It has been reported that a number of the SRD grant beneficiaries have been calling the Mpumalanga Customer Care unit in Mpumalanga due to a failure to process the EFT payment.

In a statement, Sassa Mpumalanga spokesperson, Senzeni Ngubeni, said:

The Agency has discovered that all those beneficiaries who cannot process their EFT payment is because their phones have little to no computing or internet capacity.

According to reports, the EFT payment method requires smart phones with the corresponding apps for such transactions.

The government agency has since made an awareness request to all beneficiaries or applicants who have non-smart phones not to choose the EFT option as a payment method.

Sassa said a suitable method of payment ought to be changed to avoid any inconvenience by accessing the Sassa official website.

SRD beneficiaries and applicants have the option to receive their funds through officially selected Merchants and financial institutions.

Should there be any changes on the personal information of the beneficiary, Sassa will require them to update their details, because this will guarantee that the funds are accessed by the rightful grant beneficiary and to ensure that funds are easily accessed without any inconvenience.

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