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SA Colleges That Offers Law Courses


Law is a very prominent career field and in this article you are will see South African Colleges that Offers Law Courses. If you are interested in studying law, these colleges in South Africa that offer courses in the field.

SA Colleges That Offers Law Courses

The legal field is diverse and includes specialisation in various areas such as mercantile law, criminal law and private law.


Law graduates have the potential to become attorneys, judges, maintenance officers, paralegals and court specialists.

South Africa has many law schools such as the University of Cape Town, Stellenbosch University and North-West University just to name a few. You might not want to attend University and attend a College instead. In this article, we will be focusing on the colleges that offer law courses in South Africa.


Here are the SA Colleges That Offers Law Courses:

IIE Varsity College

Varsity College offers BCom Law, BA Law, and an LLB qualification through their School of Law. These are equal to a University qualification.

They also have other Law-related qualifications for you to choose from.

Learn More About IIE Varsity College


Boston City Campus

Boston City Campus, which is a private higher education institution offers a BCom Law qualification which is equal to a University qualification. Boston offers a Paralegal course as well.

Learn More About Boston City Campus

TVET Colleges

TVET Colleges offer a qualification to becoming a Legal Secretary. This qualification has been developed to enable learners who are particularly interested and talented in an occupational/ vocational area to develop competencies as a legal secretary, which will enable them either to study further or to be employed and be productive in the sector at entry-level and/or second-tier level.

Click here for more information on TVET Colleges.

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