SASSA Grant Not Enough Says Organisation

Finance minister Enoch Godongwana presented a 2023 budget speech on Wednesday. One of its changes in SASSA grants increased but many disagreed that more is needed.


Extending the Social Relief of Distress grant is not enough to alleviate plight of poor, says civil society

A human rights organization, Black Sash stated that they are unsatisfied with what the Minister of Finance said as they responded that the minister spoke to none of their demands.

Before the speech was made on Wednesday, Black Sash requested the following;

  •  SSSA grants should be increased in accordance with the inflation rate.
  •  SRD grants should be increased and made permanent for the unemployed aged 18 – 59.
  •  The child supports grants should be increased according to the food poverty line R663.
  •  A well-administered and transparent grants payment system by post-Bank.

He announced that the following SASSA increases would be made;

  • The old Age grant will increase from R1,985 to R2,085
  • Old Age grant (above 75 years old) and War Veterans grant will increase from R2,005 to R2,105
  • Disability Grant will increase from R1,990 to R2,085
  • The care Dependency grant will increase from R1,985 to R2,085,
  • The Foster Care grant will increase from R1,070 to R1,125
  • Child Support Grant will increase from R480 to R505

The human rights organization responded;

“The minimal increases to the child support grants and Foster Care Grants are shocking and failed to address the lived reality and struggle faced by caregivers of children”


They further said that increases weren’t announced for SRD grants, and the food poverty line runs at R663 how then are unemployed people receiving there are  SRD Grants meant to live on a monthly R350? It is not even enough to buy a loaf of bread a day.  They also noted that the funding allocation for R350 grants has been decreased by 25% in 2023 meaning fewer people assessing the grants.

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Another question asked byBlack Sash and other people is when will the basic income grants be finalized and when are the R350 grants going to be permanent

In response to this, the Finance Minister mentioned that in this year’s budget, the government is still considering alternative options that can complement the R350 Grant. Black Sash reacted that the president referred to a  targeted basic income in SONA but the Minister of Finance failed to speak on how and when the mechanisms of this kind of support will be implemented. Does this mean president was making empty promises?


The organization made known their inaccessibility to the SRD grants due to the online application process and budgetary constraints and expressed disappointment as they say, many are being abandoned.


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